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Men’s Gift Guide


 I absolutely love this time of year – and I love pulling together Men’s Gift Guides because I get to hear all the things Chris wants for Christmas! 

Men can be hard to shop for and he is no different…it’s the ‘well I don’t really need anything’ motto – anyone else’s guys like this? [ This is the Men’s Gift Guide for you! ] 

Chris is particular in a sense that he knows what he wants and he has pretty good taste! I have pulled together everything your guy may need, want, or desire and have something for every guy on your list! 

mens gift guide- personalized wallet

If you are looking for something personalized and/or sentimental, def check out Swanky Badger. I bought Chris the coolest wallet with his his initials monogramed and a very personal message written inside. You can use my code: MYSHA10 for 10% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. 


Crew Neck Shirts: These shirts are the softest and Chris lives in them, truly the best!

Massage Gun: If you don’t have one of these massage guns, run don not walk! They are incredible for achey muscles.

Patagonia Vest: Chris loves anything Patagonia and he gets a ton of use out of this vest and it makes a great gift for the person who never buys themselves nice clothes, you know?

Snow Boots: These boots last FOR-EV-ER, so you will absolutely get great wear out of them!

Gym Shorts: ‘Comfiest shorts ever’ – whether at ‘La Gym’ or just lounging around, Chris lives in these!

Beanie: I love a man in a beanie, who’s with me? haha – and this one is so cute and cozy too! 

Wireless Thermometer: Chris LOVES this meat thermometer – it’s completely wireless and you can operate it all from your phone! Genius!

Traeger: You know we love our Traeger! We get so much use out of it and it really is a fun toy for the guy in your life who loves to cook or grill. And even if they don’t they will love this because it is so easy to use! Probably my favorite on the Men’s Gift Guide! And if you need a fun recipe to make, try our Pulled Pork Sandwiches!

Meat Shredder: This comes in handy when we are making anything with shredded meat, like the Pulled Pork Sandwiches above, cuts the shredding time is half! Such a great stocking stuffer! 

Earphones: These are perfect for working out or running – they really stay put!

Hoodie: Where we live, a hoodie is needed for layering in the winter and this one is so soft and warm, he never takes it off! 


Luggage: Every guy needs a good looking [ and working ] luggage! 

Tech Traveler: This is a life saver for traveling – everything in one spot and organized!

Sneakers: My hubby loves these- great for sons as well. 

Hand Balm: With how much we are washing our hands nowadays, hand cream is a necessity and this one is amazing!

Jack Black: Chris loves the Jack Black products – they are great for sensitive skin and awesome for winter weather.

Razor: This razor is so great for getting a super close shave and leaving no irritation. Inexpensive but works great!

Mask: Who would have thought we would be giving masks for gifts? But this one is cool and neutral for your guy!

Waterproof Speaker: This speaker is the perfect guy’s gift – it’s rugged and they can use it for fishing, golf or anything sports related and it’s safe!

Tumbler: So he doesn’t steal yours 🙂 

Sleep Shirt: For the colder months when layering is a must, these sleep shirts are so soft and cozy and they pair great with a hoodie and these lightweight joggers!

Guys need pajama love too, but they want to look effortlessly cool, you know they do…

Joggers: These are so cute, I don’t mind if he leaves the house in them!

Robe: I gifted this to my husband last year and he was shocked at how much he loved wearing it around the house.  

Check out last years Men’s Gift Guide for even more ideas! Happy Holidays!



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  1. This is an Awesome Gift Guide. I already have planned to get a few things from here for the guys in my life for Christmas. Quick Question. I also plan on getting a backpack for my husband. He has a really old backpack that is just got to go kind of old. He uses mainly for weekend trips, hiking, and when we explore cities. I am having a hard time finding one that looks stylish but versatile. I love your style, so I’m curious if your husband has a backpack that you would recommend?

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