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Modern colorful bedroom design

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I’ve been working on a fun project over at my sister’s house.  I am helping her transform her outdated bedroom for a modern more colorful master bedroom retreat. It’s always fun helping my sister design her spaces.  She has a modern edgy style that is different from my own. You may remember last year when I helped her select all the finishes for her semi custom home.  You can click here to see the rest of her home.

I thought it would super fun to share two different design plans: both colorful and modern.  I actually cant decide which I like better, so I thought maybe you’ll could help me out! Leave me a comment at the end of this post and tell me which master bedroom design you would choose!

I recently discovered these amazing panels that come in a ton of colors and different fabrics.  You can play with configurations and create so many different looks.  They are called Vant Panels.  I chose the velvet antique blue for my sisters headboard, but boy the selections are amazing.

Both master bedroom plans are shop-able. Simply click onto item you’re interested in or the corresponding name below each board.  Affiliate links used throughout this post. 

Modern Colorful Bedroom Design option 1



Modern Colorful Bedroom Design Option 2



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  1. I love both designs!! Im leaning towards option 1 as it feels more modern and chic while option 2 feels a little more ‘glam’ to me.

    1. I love them both, but the first one is my fav. I love the traditional rug with modern edge. I would use the light in the second design though.

      1. That’s what I was thinking also..love them both but the first one I liked better but I like the lights in the second one better.. either way it will be beautiful.. shes a very lucky sister to have you and your design talent…

  2. I’m drawn more to #2, loving the rug and accent lights. I like the gold on the nightstand too! I feel the style pattern in the rug will be around longer?

  3. Love love love option 2. You have such a distinct eye for beauty!!! ?

    How did you know how many panels to buy? Did you purchase 16 panels in total or enter square footage of the space you wanted to cover by the headboard?

  4. I’m loving 2, I think because of that awesome rug! But I like the lights in 1 better. This is tough! ♥️

  5. Number 1. The rug gives a warmth and traditional feeling. But I’m more of a traditionalist.

  6. #1… really beautiful and I love the rug…also, I have those sheets and they didn’t wash great.. the color faded and they shrank

  7. Both are beautiful but the second one is WOW. I think the rug in the second look has a contemporary feel compared to the first.

  8. I like option 1. as it is more colorful. The rug is timeless . It will still work when the trendy rugs get booted for the very newest trend.

  9. I really like them both, but drawn to number 1 more.

    Where are the beds from?! I am looking to do a look similar to this or what are some of your favorite platform beds?!

    1. I love #1 the rug and accessories I love ❤️ great eye! Can’t wait to see what she chooses !

  10. Love option #2. Love the lights. Rug looks more modern and I’m drawn to campaign furniture! That headboard?. You are so good at design ?

  11. Love your style and love both of these options, but for me Option 1 is the winner. I’m so bummed that the rug is sold out in the larger sizes. ? Those lamps in Option 2 though…

  12. I like the first design with the ottoman, accent pillow for the bed, and hanging pendants from design 2 is that an option to mix the two designs together? Also what are your plans for the wall? Are you gonna paint or Wallcovering ? Some great WALLCOVERING on sale at wayfair. Good luck with them and excited to see the after pictures. Main question is what does your sister like best? Great job on both. Nicole

  13. This is my first entry to you, so I just want to say you are amazing! Your home is gorgeous! I would give anything to have the talent you have! Many Blessings to you and your family in your new home!
    So now I’m a fan of option 1.

  14. Like Option #2 the best, but maybe use the design of nightstand #1 with it being the color of nightstand 2. ?‍♀️?

  15. Option 1 is more timeless and chic, but prefer lights and nightstand from Option 2

  16. Vote for #2 the pattern in the rug echos the texture in the lights, looks less like a hotel room than #1.

  17. I vote for option #1. I think the rug has greater longevity and warmth and the night tables are beautiful! Love the open space at the top for storing media/phones etc. I really prefer the light fixtures as well. Your sister is lucky!!

  18. Love both but the second one makes it more inviting, cozy and warm. The rug ties it all perfectly. ❤️ Love your designs!

  19. I like #2 better. I like the right and lamps better. It’s feels more contemporary. Love your home by the way.

  20. I think option 2! Looks slightly more sophisticated and I think it will feel more relaxing with the colors and airy watercolor look, being a bedroom. But you can’t go wrong either way! Want to be my sister?! ???

  21. I like both designs! You are so talented! I like the second design better but with the lights from the first design.

  22. Okay, so does your sister have an adjustable bed? We have one, king size, and I’ve been trying to decide on what type bed or headboard?

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