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Valentine Mantel & The Ultimate His/Her Valentine Gift Guide 2017

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As you now know I love to decorate and redecorate my home.  I suppose if your coming from Styled with Lace you may not know that, but it’s no secret!  If you are joining me today as part of the Valentine’s blog hop then welcome!  Each of us bloggers are showcasing 1 of 5 simple ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day.  I enjoy giving a visual nod to each holiday no matter how big or small.  Valentine’s Day is no exception.  That being said I’ve never been super into fuzzy stuffed hearts and kissing lips plastered on my windows.  Traditional red and pink Valentine’s decor is not my jam!  I did however, manage to add some subtle touches to my mantel.  Read on as I share how I created a Valentine Mantel and my version of the ultimate His/Her Valentine gift guide.  Plus don’t forget to hop over to the next blog on our little Valentine’s tour at the end of this post!

Here are the items you’ll need to create the look.

  • Large picture frame
  • old books
  • 2 large vases or jugs of different sizes
  • a large cornice or book end (or something interestingly shaped)
  • Candle
  • faux magnolia flowers
  • wood heart
  • small accent bowl
  • one fresh flower


Get the Look

This mantel started with an empty vintage frame centered on my mantel.  I then added the 2 large jugs on the right side.  I placed the faux magnolia flowers in the larger jug, bending the stem to fall in the vintage frame.  The magnolia blossoms become the art for the empty frame.  To finish the right side of the mantel I simply leaned 3 books, pages out, against the larger jug.

Moving to the left side of the mantel, I stacked 2 books flat and placed the antique cornice on top of the 2 books.  The books helped balance the hight of the cornice to the large jug on the right.  I placed the pink and white candle on the end to balance the pink jug.  I leaned a couple books against the cornice just slightly in front of the frame.  The last 2 details I added were the small accent bowl and the wooden heart.  I filled the accent bowl with water and a fresh blossom and I found the wooden heart at the target dollar spot!

If you take away the wooden heart, this mantel display can last for the long hall.  In fact, you could even update it each holiday just by switching the flowers and the display in the frame.  Find one piece of decor that speaks to each holiday and swap it out accordingly!

If you want to skip the gift guide and go strait to the next stop on our tour, head over to Ashley’s house. House of five

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him/Her

Valentine’s day is a fun holiday no matter if you are married, single, have kids, or none… it’s fun to share a little love with the special people in your life.  I usually give my children a small gift accompanied with a little “I love you note” and some chocolate.  My husband get’s the big stuff… well because he is the love of my life! Valentine’s Day presents an easy opportunity to show him I care.  Usually I have used up all my creative gift powers over Christmas and I’m left short for Valentine’s Day.  Not this year though!  I have spent the last few days thinking about all the things I love and what my man would like too.  Normally we don’t go out and make a big fuss, but a gift or 2 goes a long way in showing the one you love that you care!  I have carefully selected each item on the gift guide with a contrasting His/Her option.  I hope this helps give you some ideas, and feel free to casually pass this on to the man in your life haha! Click on any image and it will take you directly to the store!  Happy valentine’s Day!

For Him

For Her


If I know Ashley at House of five she’ll have something special for you.  She is next on our blog hop giving you another simple way to decorate for Valentine’s day.   Be sure to spread some Valentine’s love her way!


And just incase you get lost, here is the full list of all the Valentine’s Day participants!

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