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Affordable Floor Length Mirror Roundup

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I will never get over how much value, stylistically, a floor length mirror adds to a space. Plop a mirror down against a wall and it instantly opens up a room by reflecting light and ultimately making the space feel bigger. This is why I am such a proponent of adding mirrors of any size to even relatively small spaces. But today, I am specifically rounding up affordable floor length mirrors.

Mirrors are kind of like rugs in the sense that you don’t realize how expensive they really are until you’re looking to buy one. And usually what happens is, you fall in love with the most expensive one there is. Inevitably sending you on the hunt for a cheaper alternative that is similar, but just not quite the same. And not all mirrors are created equal. I think we all know the dreaded “fun house” effect that some of the more inexpensive mirrors can give us. So today, I am pulling together an affordable floor length mirror roundup. Showing you some of my favorite ones I’ve found recently and also giving you a couple of dupe options for some of the more popular mirrors you’ve likely seen all over social media.

Floor Mirror Dupes

Let’s start with the dupes.

affordable floor length mirror
  1. Berke XL Iron Frame Floor Mirror – This is the mirror I have in my bedroom and I love it. The iron rectangular frame is classic and mimics the shape of my windows and the molding I have on the walls. Plus, the color perfectly ties into my bed frame.
  2. Oversized Rectangular Mirror – Now I know my rectangular mirror is relatively simple, but I am really shocked at just how similar this alternative option for it is! It’s nearly identical, just. a touch smaller and at a fraction of the price. This comes in a gold finish as well.
  3. Gleaming Primrose Mirror – The infamous Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. I think nearly everyone has fallen in love with this one. And for good reason, it’s beautiful. I even have the smaller version on my living room mantle. This mirror comes in four colors and flour sizes and the detailing is so well done.
  4. Aticus Metal Arch Mirror – Much like the Primrose mirror, this one is detailed without being overly ornate. Meaning it could really fit into any style room you want it too. It’s available in two colors and three sizes, so if you did want a smaller, mantle-sized one, there’s an option for that.
  5. Retro Arched Metal Framed Mirror – This gold mirror is a great alternative for the Primrose as well! Though it is more ornate, it is also less than a quarter of the cost of the original. So if you don’t mind the extra details, this is a fantastic option.

Affordable Floor Length Mirror Roundup

affordable floor length mirror
  1. Orwell Metal Arch Mirror – I like this take on a simple arched mirror. The extra added indent details make it slightly less modern, while still being relatively streamlined.
  2. Oversized Diamond Windowpane Floor Mirror – The diamond shapes in this floor length mirror give it a little something extra, rather than just a plain rectangular mirror. I could see putting this somewhere in my house. And the price point for a mirror that large is great! Also available in gold.
  3. Greta Wood Arch Mirror – Arched mirrors are really popular right now. I think because they offer softer lines than a rectangular mirror and can transition to fit a variety of styles. I like that this one has a wood frame, but it does come in three other colors. Plus, it has a stand so you can lean it or hang it.
  4. Classic Arched Mirror – I just bought this mirror for my own home and I’m so excited to display it in my own home- i do love it! In fact, I have used it in both my sister’s entryway makeover, as well as my sister-in-law’s master bedroom makeover. I really like the size of this one. It has a metal frame and comes in gold as well and you can also lean this one or hang it.
  5. Oversized Windowpane Floor Mirror – This is a classic windowpane mirror, and much like the diamond one, I like the detail of the windowpane design. This way it’s not just your average rectangular mirror, but has a little something extra. Available in black as well.
  6. Anduena Metal Rectangle Mirror – This is a big mirror and for such a good price. If you’re in the market for a rectangle mirror with softer lines, this is the route I’d go. And I really like the thickness of the frame on this one. Available in three colors and sizes.

Tap the images below to shop the mirrors in this roundup!

And don’t forget to anchor your floor mirrors to the wall. Especially if you have children and pets. This is the anchoring kit I always use!

I think I could go on and on forever about floor length mirrors I love! But these ones take the cake because of their affordability compared to other’s I’ve seen. I know floor mirror prices can really creep up on you, so of course I had to do an affordable floor length mirror roundup!

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