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Entryway Makeover: Before and After


I am breaking down all the details [ and costs! ] for this Entryway Makeover: Before and After!

I am so happy I got to continue the midcentury modern makeover that I did in my sister’s dining room into her entryway. The dining room is such a statement and a focal point and now that the entryway is complete, you can feel those special design touches right when you walk in the door.

Once I completed the slat wall, the rest was about styling. If you want to create your own slat wall, see my tutorial here.

I started by laying out the frames for the gallery wall that is above the console table. I laid mine out on the floor and played with it until I was happy with it. This gallery wall is a little top heavy on the right and the reason being, is that we have the slat wall, the very organic console table, and then the weight of the staircase. So I wanted to balance out all of the design features.

For hanging the gallery wall, I used a hammer, a level, and a picture hanging kit. The gallery frames come in a set of five with matting and there are four color options. Once the frames were hung, then I started to style the console. Always remember: Good design will always meet form and function. This console originally did not have a top, so we ordered a glass one to make it more functional.

I used some of the same techniques for styling this that I did in my shelf styling post. So I started by pulling together some lovely little details for the entryway. I had a plant, a few different stack-ables like books or trays, a couple different vases, a lamp, and a clean fragrance device for aroma. I absolutely love these clean fragrance devices. They sink up to your phone so you can program them according to your schedule & the pods come in so many great aromas and are biodegradable. Some of my favorite scents are lemongrass and Tahitian sunset. 

The first thing I did was add the wood tray. I knew I needed to add a wood item here to carry that element through the space because of the wood slat wall. Then I added the lamp, which was definitely form and function. We needed light in the entryway because they only had one overhead light in the space. Next, I added the matte grey book to add height. The matte grey is acting as a grounding force in the design style of this area. And then I put a plant on top of it. Plants always add a little life to the space.

The vases are from my friend @theclaymaven, who makes pottery with this cute bubble feature. I loved the black one, but the white is definitely better fit for the space.

Then I added my clean fragrance device inside the vase. Adding fragrance to an entryway is always a good idea. I love adding these in an entryway because then it smells amazing for everyone who enters your home. The clean fragrance device has biodegradable pods that last 30-40 days. I talk more about them in this highlight on my Instagram. Some of my favorite fragrances are lemongrass, wild honeysuckle, fresh lime and coconut, and Tahitian sunset. I also added a wooden tray for a place to drop their keys.

To finish off the space I got the idea to add a little fun element to the ceiling. So I took down the light and started tracing out spikes of a starburst with the stencil I created. Once I traced it, I taped it out with painters tape. Then I went and painted the starburst a gold paint to match the color of the light fixture.

Slat feature: $175, select pine
$329 washable rug
$359.50 (2 sets) frames
$260 accessories

Total $1123.50

By bringing in a minimal budget, you can really make a huge impact and I love that this Entryway Makeover is what you see when you first walk in the door! Shop all the details below! 

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  1. Could you please either explain how you made the coat hanging rack and where you purchased the hardware or where you purchased the rack? Also, could you please include information on the clean smelling pods you referred to – I tried Instagram to no avail. Thank you, I appreciate any help you give!

  2. I love the look of the wood slat accent!! I am wondering if a person could incorporate those… wood ‘hooks’ that lay flat on the wall and then ‘flip out’ towards you when you need. would be great to have a place to hang coats/jackets in the entry for people?? Like maybe 3 of them in between the slats/ off set. thoughts on what that would look like? if it even makes any sense what I am talking about. 😉

  3. What color is the accent wall in the entryway? It really helps to pull the room together

    1. Hi its linked in the post under where is says shop & source- just click on the image of the light and it will take you right to the site.

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