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Home Exterior Q&A

French Country Modern

We get a lot of questions on details of the exterior of our home so I am sharing all the juicy details with this Home Exterior Q&A! I truly love when we pull up to our home because we’ve created the exterior to be comforting. But there is also something so unique and fresh about it! 

painted brick exterior

Is the grass real or faux?

It is real! We use a weed wacker to maintain this section, but you can also just mow over it with a push mower.


What is the color of the house?

My house color is a custom creamy-white color. I have the formula for it in this blog post. Use masonry paint if you are considering painting your brick.

Do you ever feel like the house is too white?

No, I never feel like my house is too white. In fact, that is why I went with this custom color, because it is a very cream white. And I don’t like when white homes look too stark.

Where did I get my address sign?

It is custom. I had it fabricated out of metal and it is powder coated.

painted brick exterior Q&A

Roof Material?

My roof is Bartile, it’s a composite product. It’s not slate, but it’s like a black swirl custom color

Where are you giant sconces from?

The exterior sconces are linked HERE. And the exact sizes and sources are linked HERE.


Have you had to repaint your house? If so, how long did the painted brick last?

No, we built our home 2 years ago. Painted brick should last about 15 years depending on the climate.

Where are your oversized urns from? 

They are from a local nursery called Shade Home and Garden. 

What is the difference between lime wash and the paint color you chose?

A lime wash is a mix of lime, minerals, and water, which gives it more of a transparent look versus paint, which is full coverage.

painted brick exterior

Why didn’t you also paint the brick pillars to match the house?

I didn’t paint them because I don’t like when things are ultra matchy-matchy. I also wanted the brick color to pull out the copper highlights I have with the awning, chimney caps, and drip lines.

What color black is your front door? Is it metal?

My front door is iron. It is a matte black finish and it was a custom design by me and you can find more info on it HERE.


What was your vision for the exterior house plan? Did you design it yourself?

The vision for my house was a French Country Modern home. I worked with an architect and we drafted custom plans and I had a very clear vision of what I wanted.


What adds the most curb appeal to a home?

There are so many things that go into curb appeal. But if you are starting from square one or revamping an exterior, I would focus on your entryway. That is where people come if they feel welcome, if it’s open, if it’s clean. After that move to garage entry.  Check out my painted lattice driveway design HERE

Adding Curb Appeal with a Painted Driveway

How well will a painted porch hold up if not covered in Utah?

My painted front porch has held up extremely well. It is covered and it does get sun exposure and it does get elements, but covered. If you have a completely open front porch in Utah, I don’t know that I would recommend painting it unless you’re willing to touch it up every single season. Linking the tutorial for mine HERE.

paint a porch or patio rug

One of the biggest questions on our Home Exterior Q&A: Are your windows frames black or painted?

My windows are wood on the inside and aluminum clad on the outside. If you want more info on my windows, I have a whole post on them HERE.


Your trees in the urns, do you have to replace them every year?

We had the topiaries in our urns for two years, but they just outgrew them. 


Do you have gutters?

Yes. I had them painted white so they blend right in with the roof line. Originally I wanted to do copper gutters, but that was a huge splurge and inevitably got cut in the budget.


Your walkout basement patio looks amazing!

Thank you! If you’re looking for patio sources, click HERE.

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