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How do you create a classic art gallery in your own home? Keep it simple! This week I partnered with Minted to show you how easy it is to combine multiple art pieces into one seamless gallery.

Diy home art gallery

home office gallery

It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and we’ve got the office decluttered and organized! This was a huge step.  We sorted through my hubby’s book collection- Keepers, donation, & upcycle.  How do you upcycle a book? Well, I rip the covers off old paperbacks, tie them in bundles, and use them as styling vehicles.(See Insta story highlights for full tutorial). If you are just getting caught up on the office design, I shared my whole design board last week. Click here to see my globally inspired office design board. 

globally inspired library -home office

Before we get started on the art gallery, I need your help with one thing. I have to select and order wall sconces for the built-ins this week.  I have a favorite, but I’m curious which one you would choose? Leave me your vote in the comment section below. 

home office gallery

Here is the chandelier Ive selected for reference! 

home office sconce options


The other major accomplishment of the week was selecting and hanging our new art gallery! I love Minted because everything on site is designed by independent artists! So how do you create a classic art gallery at home? 

How to create a classic art gallery look at home

Select art that coordinates without being matchy matchy. Color and composition come easy for me but not for everyone! My goal was to bring together art prints that were both masculine and feminine, had some organic movement, and carried a color story. If you are looking at my selections wondering how did she ever pull these together, but in the same breath love the combo…then LISTEN UP! Minted offers a FREE art styling service. Text a photo of your wall to 415-993-WALL (9255), and a Minted stylist will text you back fine art recommendations that perfectly fit your space—for FREE. Take advantage people! I wanted to make sure this was a helpful service, so I tested it out myself. I text them this photo, answered the questions, and provided dimensions. They came back with these 2 options. 

Before Picture I sent to Minted

Options Minted sent back

art gallery on dark walls

Keep the frames simple. There are many different styles of frames and gallery walls out there, but a classic art gallery always maintains clean style. Keep the frames simple and repeat the same finish throughout. I selected a modern brass frame to echo the other brass finishes in my office. I feel a more minimal frame lets the art speak for itself. Should you select a more embellished frame, just keep it the same thought out! 

Matting- Mats are an important part of the visual presentation in picture framing. Matting can be used to highlight a color in the artwork or room decor, accent a shape in the art, or simply increase the size to make a dramatic display (especially for small pieces).  When proper matting and framing are combined, it can really take an inexpensive art print to the next level! 

Here is what the wall looks like now! I love my new art gallery!

home office gallery

art gallery with brass frames

art gallery at home

All in all I am happy with the progress made in our office/library space this week. Art gallery wall hung- check & office declutter and organized-check!  If you like brass framed galleries, you may want to check out my hanging gallery tutorial. Click here for the tutorial! 

Next week I’ll be taking you furniture shopping on my IG stories and coordinating drapery.  Stay tuned via Instagram @remingtonavenue@remingtonavenue and catch my next room update here! 


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  1. This is going to be ahhhhhmazing Mysha! My vote is #5. The gold really warms up the built in’s without being too much and the unique shape ties into the eclectic feel of this room. Happy designing!!!!

  2. Either 1 or 5. Really depends on the amount of light your looking for them to put off. Loving the progress.

  3. #1-5 are great options, I think I like #2 the best. I think #6 would blend to the dark wall and you would really see it.

  4. I am loving #6. I also like #2. But I think my vote is #6 can’t wait to see the reveal! I love what you have posted so far!!

  5. It’s coming together beautifully! I really love 2, 4 and 6!
    I think the last option #6 would mix it up from the other brass (though I adore brass.) and the stone on it is so unique.
    Of course, you can’t go wrong with any of your choices! 😍

  6. I love love number 2 in general and for your space! Thanks for everything. Your tutorials are so helpful and inspiring!

  7. I love 1 or 5 , depending on how much light you want. I Absolutely love your style!! Thanks for sharing ! Your amazing 😁

  8. #6. I like the way it ties the bronze coloring with the chandelier and the the marble looking piece with the wooden beams against the dark paint color. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  9. Thank you for letting us give input. I love following you and adore your style. Looks like I’m the Lone Ranger in my choice, but I choose #3. I believe it has the shape that looks good with the wall molding and it has the small lines on the inside that would complement the hanging streamers on the chandelier. #1 and #6 are too similar to the chandelier. I think it needs more width than #5. #4 is a bit too boxy and #2 I like but the round shape I don’t think will look as good! So it’s #3 for me! I can’t wait to see which one you choose.

  10. They are all really pretty but my vote is for #1. I think all the vertical elements compliment the chandelier. I love the simple touch of the gold band thru the center. It will be a nice lil pop on the darker cabinetry!!

  11. The chandelier is such a huge statement…I’d go #4 for simple but interesting. You are amazing!

  12. #2 & #4 are the best to me.. 2 because the stone catches the shades in the wall color and gives a very masculine/feminine French vibe and 4 because it is such a statement piece. Your eyes would go… beams… lights…chair… (eye-candy-bam!). We are all anxiously awaiting the final choice!

  13. Hey cutie…is that a christ watercolor picture ? ? Where in the world is that if so ? Wonderful….all you do.

    1. Hi its saved on my Instagram story highlights. I have a coupon code there too! @remingtonavenue

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