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Mixing masculine & feminine design styles

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Is it possible to use both masculine and feminine designs effectively in the same room? I say absolutely; in fact, I believe it makes a room appear more balanced in general. Today I’m taking you furniture shopping at Gatehouse no. 1 where my task is mixing masculine and feminine design styles to create one cohesive home office for me and the hubs. 

* This post was created in partnership with Gatehouse no.1 (A local retailer I’ve shopped for years), as always all opinions are my own

masculine and feminine home office

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and this week is all about furniture and shopping local. Gatehouse No.1 is a 10,000 sq ft furniture store and interior design studio. The showroom is fantastic & absolutely inspiriting to walk through. It is locally owned in Orem, Utah & the staff includes experienced designers available to help you create the home of your dreams. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever left empty handed lol.  

masculine and feminine design styles -home office

You can catch up on the progress of my Home office space here: 

week one: office design board & BEFORE photos

week two: Creating a classic home art gallery

mixing masculine and femanine design with gatehouse
A photo I snapped at Gatehouse

Although I already had a strong vision of what this office would become (check back to week one -design board in hand) most folks come in knowing what they LIKE but without the vision and insight of how to put it all together. That’s what I think is especially amazing about Gatehouse. They offer a full design service start to finish including space planning, custom furniture design, and styling. However, if you’re just in for a quick furniture purchase, they have designers on staff to make sure you think of every detail. 

mixing masculine and feminine design styles at gatehouse
Myself, Stephanie Holdaway (owner of Gatehouse no1), and Geeta Buckley (owner of Uptown Drapes)

The owner Stephanie, has become a friend, and helped me select all my office furnishings. When you come to Gatehouse no.1, you’ll be greeted with a smile and a helpful designer will take you under wing. If they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for on the showroom floor, it can be customized, ordered, and delivered pretty dang quick. 

My Masculine & feminine mix of furnishings

I first spotted this oak Art Deco desk while walking through a UV parade home furnished by Gatehouse back in June. It stopped me in my tracks and I just couldn’t find another desk that I loved more than this one.

home office desk - both masculine and feminine in design style

Aint she a beauty? I can’t wait to style the side niches!  The desk itself doesn’t really feel masculine or feminine- just purely amazing. I love how it carries the same wood tone as my floor and ceiling beams. This desk is on the showroom floor now, but if you aren’t local, you can call about details. Normally my desk retails for $1833 but Gatehouse sells it for $1378.  801-225-9505 Monday-Saturday 10-6pm. 

hanging my new office chandelier
Just hanging my new glitzy light

A glitzy chic chandelier with hanging crystals now hovers over my new desk.  This one definitely speaks to the feminine design style but in an abstract way. Stephanie helped me order this one and talked me into the smaller size…boy am I glad! I had only seen the chandelier online, but she had seen it in person – that’s what’s nice about shopping locally. 

feminine abstract chandelier

My zebra Hyde rug has found a new home in the office.  This dark bold animal print screams masculinity, esp combined with the dark paneled walls and cabinetry throughout.  I love the layered rug look overall. 

layered zebra hyde over area rug

I was a bit wishy washy when it came to the office chair.  I was certain I wanted a leather chair that rolled and reclined, but not on the color. Originally I wanted a camel color (ever so popular right now) but the more fabrics and selections we made, the less it felt like the best option.  After some deliberation, we finally landed on this rich mocha brown leather chair. It really ties in well with the dark zebra stripes and the little black and white Cadiz stool I fell in love with wandering the the Gatehouse showroom. I’m determined to work it into the room somewhere – if not right where it is now! 

dark leather office chair

Are the chairs masculine or feminine in design style? 

The chairs! We absolutely NEED additional seating in this office. Weather hubby is holding a meeting or the kids just wanna be by mommy while I’m doin’ a bit of work – Seating is nessessary. This was the perfect opportunity to bring in another fun print/pattern.  I think I sat in every single chair in Gatehouse a dozen times before landing on a pair of high back arm chairs.

mixing masculine and femainine design with chairs

This is the chair…different fabric of course!

Fabric selection aside, I think the overall design is gender neutral. To me a high back shouts ‘king on his throne’ (masculine) but the chair also features soft curves. 

masculine and feminine fabrics
Fabric options

I know we already have mr. zebra layered on the floor, but I just love mixing animal prints.  The question is do I bring in an animal print on the draperies or on the chairs? So many options! We played with different fabric swatches…of Course lot’s of leopard! 

mixing masculine and feminine animal prints

Here is the side table I selected to go in between the custom arm chairs.  I love introducing a new shape (circle) among all the rectangles and squares already happening in this office.  I esp love the movement in the dark gray natural stone top. It’s all in the details! 

masculine and femanine design styles - side table

So Here’s the skinny! Combining masculine and feminine design styles creates a rich and comfortable space. I am certain my hubby and I will agree it’s not too much of either.  If you’re a Utah local, Gatehouse no.1 is a MUST! If you are visiting or plan to visit, take a detour to Gatehouse no.1 (Ahem…Christmas display is insane!) and if you live out of state and are just dying to have one or more of these pieces featured today, call this number right here. 801-225-9505 Monday-Saturday 10-6pm. 

masculine and feminine home office design

Make sure to check back next week – sharing my drapery selection and why! In the mean time make sure to follow me @remingtonavenue on Instagram for more everyday updates on this space and more. 

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