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Globally inspired library- office

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The long awaited home office/library is finally here.  I can’t say it’s looking very good right now, but is REALITY.  Today I’ll be sharing my globally inspired library-home office plans and what this neglected space looks like now! 

Global inspired library home office Design board

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be sharing updates on my home office overhaul.  I’ve joined The One Room challenge™ as a participant.  This is a forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. You can count on my office design update every Thursday right here! Remember last October when I took on my son’s industrial inspired bedroom?  A whole lotta DIY love went into that space. Click HERE to see the full reveal. 

globally inspired library -home office

Where the library began…

The office library cabinets are fully installed and the walls are painted and trimmed out in molding.  Don’t be fooled though, a lot of design and thought went into this shell of an office.  If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know we completed this house in Aug of last year.  With the help of an architect, I designed every square inch of this home and hand selected every door knob, cabinet pull, paint color, and hinge. Since the completion, I have been finishing each space systematically.  It’s funny because the office is my most used space in this home and yet I’ve let a whole year pass before touching it.  

globally inspired library -home office

The wall and paint color is cheating heart by Benjamin Moore.  It is the same color that covers all of my interior doors. Read THIS post about dark colored doors. It’s  the perfect hue of charcoal gray carrying strong blue undertones esp when paired with brass. It feels rich and moody – a perfect back drop for a library don’t ya think! The cabinet wall is both designed for function and display.  My husband has quite the collection of books and I intend to display souvenirs & artifacts from our travels. There are plenty of cabinets equip with outlets (for the printer- why is it on the desk still) and organizational drawers for files and supplies. 

globally inspired library -home office

globally inspired library -home office

Perhaps I am one of the few people that still prefer to work from a Desk top computer, but I find it so much easier.  I’ve always envisioned wheeling back and forth from my computer to my free standing desk. Right now all my papers are jumbled along side the computer, but soon enough I’ll have a “big girl” work space.  When I saw the perfect art deco desk at Gatehouse no.1, I knew it was THE ONE! I found my passion piece…the desk that started it all. More on that later! 

globally inspired library -home office

Globally inspired library design board

This is where the office is headed.  Some of the furnishings on my design board are the exact selections I’ll be going with, and others are truly an inspiration that carry the essence of the overall office style.  I’ll be teetering the  line of masculine and feminine as my husband and I do share this office.  It needs to be a comfortable work environment for both of us. This week the main task will be to clear out all the junk, go through our book and souvenir collection, and edit down. 

Click on images on Design board to shop.

Special thanks to my sponsors for making this office transformation happen! 



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  1. Can’t wait to see how this all comes together! I love the idea of a “library” in your home office, so it’s now on my dream board when we one day build our dream house!!

  2. I also prefer a desktop with large monitor (or two!)! Much easier to open multiple windows and keep working productively while multitasking on emails and impromptu shopping. 😁

  3. I’m loving the moody glam vibe this is going to have. Can’t wait to see the finished space Mysha! Can you check the link on your dark painted doors? I so want to see this post, but it’s broken. Happy decorating!!!

  4. We are getting ready to turn our sunroom into my husband’s office. I am planning on painting it a charcoal grey as well. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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