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Girl’s Bedroom Update

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With Baby Juni’s arrival in September, I set focus on making all of our children feel unique, special and loved. And I figured it was time for a little Girl’s Bedroom Update, just in time for the new year.

Sharing their room before isn’t bad – it just needed a little creative love!

I am so excited to be sharing the girls’ updated shared bedroom with you! I wanted them to walk in here and feel warm and have a place that is specifically theirs. If you haven’t seen my original post about their shared room I’ll link it here, but it has been a little while since then and I felt like it needed a refresh as they get older. I also decided it was time to balance the fun wallpaper on the ceiling by adding some life to the white walls, as well as bring in a few new decor pieces. 


As much as I loved the wallpapered ceiling on its own, the room felt like it was missing something. And when in doubt, add stripes! I know mixing patterns can sound scary, but if it’s done right it turns out great and makes a bold statement. And florals and stripes are always a good idea, am I right? The simple geometric lines of stripes compliments the smaller details of florals beautifully. 

I went with the most perfect shade of dusty pink – not too bright, and it ties in with the wallpaper.

I originally only planned on doing the wall behind the girls’ beds, however, once I did that wall I was hooked. So I did the rest of the walls too! And I LOVE it!

Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to get perfectly straight lines because of this laser level. You know how much I rave about my laser level and how much easier it makes projects with straight lines, and this is no exception! Check out this post for my fool-proof tips on painting perfectly straight, crisp stripes.


Once the walls were done, we added in their new velvety blush beds from The Inside. This is a great resource for getting near-custom furniture for a fraction of the price of actual custom furniture. Plus, it’s accessible to everyone! I just love how much the beds instantly upgrade the room with their designer style. I also added canopies over each of their beds for a touch of whimsy, turned their current rug longways, and layered a smaller rug with our favorite phrase, “Just Be You,” on top!

The Girl’s Bedroom Update was a hit! The girl’s have just become obsessed with their new space and I love that it reflects their personalities perfectly! I have linked everything here and here for easy reference! Tag me in your little’s bedroom refreshes for 2021! 

Girls share room with florals and stripes

Pink Paint color: Abalone shell SW

Custom Pink Roman Shade from Uptown Drapes. Use code Mysha5 for 5% off your entire order. 

“Just Be You” rug from Richclass Decor. Use code: Remington10 for 10% off site wide 

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