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Holiday Kitchen Tour


Welcome to my holiday kitchen tour! This is the final room of my holiday home tour so if you missed the holiday front porch transformation or the living room and entryway tour, be sure to check those out too!

The main floor of my house is essentially one big open space, which is a big reason as to why I decorate all of it. It just wouldn’t look right if I only did the living room area and then left the other spaces blank. Plus, there’s something so fun about baking Christmas cookies in a festive kitchen.

Holiday Kitchen Tour

For my kitchen, I didn’t go too overboard with decorations. I did just enough to make it cohesive with the living room and entryway. It’s important in open concept spaces like mine, to keep things cohesive. That way it all flows together nicely and nothing looks out of place. I used the same ribbon throughout and even brought some of the elements from my fireplace mantel over to the dining table.

I added a little bit of greenery with some ribbon to the back of each bar stool. This adds some character without it being too overbearing or in the way when people sit there. 

I also added some touches above the window. I hung two of these mercury glass garlands at each end and then in the center. And then along with that, I hung a string of lights to brighten it up and make the garland pop. To finish it, I added a little greenery to the ends and the middle of the garland.

Moving over to the dining table, I drew inspiration from my fireplace mantel. I still had a few of the DIY wood house candle holders I made left over and figured this would be a good spot to use them. So, I put down a small runner and then laid out my houses. Once they were where I wanted them, I added the flameless candles to them. Then I wove a smaller garland between the houses to finish it.

Finally, I put a holiday runner on the floor. This is my 3rd year adding this washable kitchen runner to the decor and I absolutely love it. And that’s all for the holiday kitchen tour! Nothing too over the top. But just enough to add some of the Christmas magic to the space. Let me know which part of the holiday home tour was your favorite!

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