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5 Budget Friendly Tips for Transforming a Bedroom


New project alert! And this time I am at my sister in laws house! If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that over the past year or two I’ve completed multiple projects at my sister Alyse’s house, such as her living room, her dining room, the downstairs powder room, and more. This time around, I am transforming a master bedroom for my other side of the family, and we’ve got a budget to stick to. So, I wanted to pull together 5 budget friendly tips for transforming a bedroom. These can be used individually if you’re looking to stick to a smaller budget or you can mix and match a couple!

5 Budget Friendly Tips for Transforming a Bedroom

Add some paint

I cannot express enough just how much of a difference a couple coats of paint can make! Painting is probably one of the most budget friendly projects you can do to instantly transform a room. And when you’re painting, don’t forget about the fifth wall – the ceiling. A simple white ceiling is a classic look, but a colored ceiling can really pack a punch. So don’t be afraid to paint your ceiling! It can be a little risky, but if done right it often ends up being a risk worth taking!

5 Budget Friendly Tips for Transforming a Bedroom

Create a focal point

This is important because it draws your eye into the room. Typically a focal point in a bedroom is the wall with the bed on it. So give yourself something to look at other than a plain white wall with a headboard. I am doing this in my sister in law’s room by adding trim to the wall and painting it a deep contrasting color. Hang artwork above the bed to really draw the eye in. And if there’s space, frame the bed with two nightstands for a symmetrical look that will anchor the room.

5 Budget Friendly Tips for Transforming a Bedroom
french country master bedroom with brick wall and blue accents

Hang the drapes

Drapes can easily take a room to the next level and make it feel so much more luxurious. Even if you already have blinds, hang the drapes. Trust me on this. Drapes just make any room feel more luxurious. Just be sure to hang them from floor to ceiling to make the room feel taller.

Bring in prints and patterns

Add at least 3 prints or patterns to your space. This can be in the form of area rugs, throw pillows, drapery, or art. This helps bounce your eye around the room. And can also help create the focal point. For example, if you choose to, use printed throw pillows on the bed along with an art piece above the bed. That will draw your eye towards where you want the focal point to be.

5 Budget Friendly Tips for Transforming a Bedroom

Upgrade your bedding

A really easy, budget friendly swap to update your bedroom is to simply change out your bedding. Upgrade those sheets you’ve had for ten years and that duvet cover that has seen better days for a fresh look that’ll create an immediate difference. And when you’re picking out your new bedding, try choosing pieces that vary in texture and fabric type to add even more depth to the focal point. Remember to keep the season in mind while doing so. A faux fur throw blanket might be perfect for winter, but will probably look a little funny in the summer when a lighter waffle weave might be more appropriate. Check out this post on how to make your bed feel like a 5 star hotel!

You all know that doing things on a budget is my jam. So sharing these 5 budget friendly tips for transforming a bedroom only made sense as I started work on my sister’s bedroom. Take a look at the mood board I made for her bedroom and shop it below! And follow along on my Instagram @remingtonavenue for the behind the scenes of this project and stay tuned here on the blog where I’ll be sharing the full transformation process.

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