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DIY Simpsons Costumes for the Family


Another Halloween has come and gone and this year was so much fun! My goal this year was to top last year’s family costume, which was The Addams Family. I knew it would be tough to beat because we really nailed The Addams Family looks last year, but these DIY Simpsons costumes for the family were a huge success!

diy simpsons costume

If I am being honest, I really don’t know how much longer my kids will be down for the family costumes so I am trying to savor every year that they continue to agree to it. If I have one tip for keeping the family costumes going for this long, it’s that we talk about what we’re going to be all year until we finally all agree on something. I think this gets them really involved and excited about doing a family costume because they feel like they played a part in making it happen.

diy simpsons costumes for the whole family

This year we landed on the Simpsons, which worked perfectly because there were enough characters for all 6 of us. Instead of buying all ready-made costumes that I’m sure are available, I decided I wanted to DIY as much as I could this year. With a little creativity, I was able to piece together these DIY Simpsons costumes for the family!

DIY Simpsons costumes for the family tutorials by character:

Supplies for the costumes:

Blue foam mattress topper

White foam mattress topper

Gorilla Glue spray adhesive

Yellow spray paint

Red spray paint

Black pipe cleaners

3” Foam balls

1” Foam balls

Black permanent marker

Toy helmets (you can get these at the dollar store)

Yellow unitards (adult and kid sizes)

Yellow beanie

White polo (mens)

Blue pants (mens)

Black loafers (mens)

Chunky red heels

Green dress (adult size)

Red t-shirt (boys)

Red dress (girls)

Toy saxophone

Red tennis shoes (girls)

Blue nightgown (girls)

Red pacifier

Brown beanie (toddler)

Brown lounge set (toddler)

Puppy dog costume

Brown tutu (toddler)

Prep for all of the Simpsons characters costumes:

Step 1: cut your foam out to the desired shapes. Spray paint the foam and helmets yellow.

Step 2: Make the eyes.

This is super simple. I just took 3″ foam balls and cut one side on all of them to be flat. This way they would stick on to the head pieces easier. Then just take a black permanent marker and draw pupils on all of the eyes. The girls have eyelashes, so you’ll just take black pipe cleaners and stick them right into the foam balls.


For Marge’s head piece, I started with a blue foam mattress topper and cut it to size. Since her hair is more of a tube shape, I essentially used a piece of fabric as “tape” for this one. Since the foam wouldn’t stick to itself, I glued the fabric to the inside of the foam tube to hold the ends together. Watch me do this in this Instagram highlight. I created her necklace by stringing 1” foam balls together. Once they were strung together, I painted them red. Add a simple green dress and red heels and you’re ready to go!

diy simpsons costumes for the whole family marge
diy marge simpson costume
diy simpsons costumes for the whole family marge


Take your yellow beanie and cut the extra fabric off of the fold over part. Keep this though because you’ll use it for his eyelids. Glue the eyes into place on the beanie. Attach black pipe cleaners to the beanie to create “hair”. Homer is the only character with eyelids, so you’ll just take the extra scrap fabric from the beanie and cover the tops of his eyeballs with fabric to create the eyelids. All you need for his costume is a white polo, light blue pants, and black loafers.

diy homer simpson costume
homer and marge simpson costume


Using the white foam mattress topper, cut a piece out big enough to fit around someone’s head. Cut points into one side of it to create Bart’s spiky hair. Spray paint both sides of the foam yellow. Once it dries, using spray adhesive and extra fabric (just like marges hair) tape it together in the back. Lastly, glue the eyes into place. A red t-shirt, denim shorts, and white socks and shoes complete Bart’s costume. We also gave him a skateboard as an accessory.

diy bart simpson costume


Sketch out the star-like design of Lisa’s hair onto the white foam. You’ll need a front and a back piece, so instead of drawing two separate pieces, I recommend folding the foam in half so you can cut out the two pieces at once and you know they’ll match up identically. Spray paint both sides of both pieces of the foam yellow. Once they dry, using spray adhesive, glue one piece around the front of one of the yellow helmets and one piece around the back of the helmet with the textured side facing out. Glue the tops of the foam pieces and press them together so they stay together. Glue the eyes into place. Lisa’s outfit is as simple as a saxophone, a red dress, red tennis shoes, and a white necklace, which I created the same way as Marge’s.


Maggie’s hair follows the same process as Lisa’s hair, just on a smaller scale. And when you’re done creating the head piece, you’ll just glue on a blue bow! Throw on a blue nightgown and a red pacifier and you’ve completed the look. 

diy maggie simpson costume

Santa’s Little Helper

This head piece is super simple. It’s just a brown beanie with the ears and nose from the puppy dog costume. You will have to glue the eyes on the beanie, but that’s it. Our Santa’s Little Helper also wears a cute brown tutu to complete her costume.

What do you think? Did we top last year’s family costume? I thought last year’s costume was my favorite family costume we’ve ever done, but this year’s DIY Simpsons costumes for the family takes the cake!

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