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Moody Bathroom With Grasscloth Wallpaper


This moody bathroom with grasscloth wallpaper might be one of my absolute favorite projects to date!

If you have been following along on this process, you may remember we started with a VERY blank white slate and were able to transform it into a designer bathroom full of texture and class! When I start a project I always like to try to work with what’s there, but in this case, everything had to go (aside from the floor tile). I have linked everything I used to create this one-of-a-kind bathroom as well as a full cost breakdown!

As with all my projects, my design philosophy has always followed a “splurge and save” mentality. I splurge on the important design features (my inspiration pieces that I build the entire design around). A lot of the time, these splurges are on pieces that are not easily replicated or found somewhere else.

For my sister’s bathroom, it was the Tiger Peacock Grasscloth Wallpaper and the Sunburst wall mirror. Both are statement pieces that I would have a hard time finding less expensive alternatives for. Everything else was pretty budget friendly!

Here’s the full cost breakdown for this moody bathroom with grasscloth wallpaper:
Grasscloth wallpaper: 4 rolls cost $1796. My cost was $1,437 with my 20% discount. Code: MYSHA20
Sunburst Mirror: $295 (this was $100 cheaper than any other site)
Walnut slat vanity & sink: $378
Faucet: $189
Bathroom light: $119
Faux olive tree: $104
Select pine wood slats: $120
Window casing: $30
Wood gel stain: $19
Rustic pot: $39
Medallion rug: $40
Towel ring: $38
Toilet paper ring: $24
DIY wall art: free
Paint: left over (free)
Labor: free

Total cost for Bathroom Renovation: $2832

I think that’s pretty great considering the only thing that stayed was the floor tile. I mean, this cool and moody bathroom doesn’t even resemble the before picture and it makes an incredible statement!

One of the most common questions I received while doing this moody bathroom was “why didn’t you paint the ceiling and door? My answer is balance. Both my sister and I love the floor tile and knew it was going to stay. Because the wallpaper and walnut wood accents are so dark, the white floor needed the visual weight of the white ceiling and door to keep everything balanced. When you walk into this bathroom, nothing sticks out uncharacteristically. This is because every wood tone, color, and texture is carefully balanced elsewhere in the room.

I wanted to add some life into the bathroom, so I decided a faux plant was an easy way to do that!

They’re no maintenance and if they’re high quality, they look really great! I did an Instagram poll to have you guys help me decide which plant to choose and the olive tree won! So that’s the one I went with, but here’s a round up of some of my favorite faux plants. And guess what?? They’re all from Walmart!

For more on this moody bathroom makeover with grasscloth wallpaper, follow along on Pinterest!

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  1. How did you attach the wood slats to the wall? Glue or nails? If glue what glue? I want to glue some to a door! Thank you!

    1. Hi I have a tutorial on the slat wall. search slat wall in search bar right here on my blog

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