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Peel and Stick Tile DIYs

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My first time ever using peel and stick tile was in my laundry room. I decided to use the tiles to create a marble tile backsplash. And then above the sink I did a fun design to play off of the hexagon shape of the tile. This project turned out so beautifully and has held up great to this day. So I figured why not try out some more peel and stick tile DIYs around the house.

Since my second peel and stick tile project is now complete, I can even more confidently say that I will be using it on more projects in the future! The ease of use and the minimal mess it makes are so worth trying it out. It’s as easy as score, snap, peel, and stick. That’s it! This time around I used a brand I found on Amazon called FloorPops. They are on the more affordable side, easy to install, and come in so many different designs. I’ve been brainstorming more places I can put peel and stick tile, so I pulled together a roundup of peel and stick tile DIYs you can do around your home.

Peel and Stick Tile DIYs

A Backsplash

Again, I did this in my laundry room! I think this is such an easy way to pack a punch. Backsplashes can make such a big difference in a space, but I think oftentimes they can be forgotten about. The best part about peel and stick tile is that it can be applied directly to your wall or it can go over an existing backsplash. So say you’re renting and hate your current backsplash or just don’t want the mess of tiling a backsplash, this can be an easy solution.

Fun Flooring

I used my FloorPop tiles as the flooring on my daughters’ stage I built. I love that it adds a fun design touch and will be easy to wipe clean. You could also pick a bolder design and add this as flooring in a smaller space, such as a laundry room or a small bathroom. The bold design in a small space will add so much personality without being dizzying.

It’s important to note that if you plan on placing these directly on wood or concrete, you will need to apply a primer first.

peel and stick tile diys

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Furniture Revamp

If you have an old table or side table or even a dresser that has seen better days, try giving it a revamp with a new top. Whether it’s scratches or dents or marker stains you can’t get out, cover them all up with peel and stick tiles and you’ll never even remember that they’re there. Pick a timeless design to create a lasting piece. Or, since you can always remove it and tile over it again, pick something bold to make it pop.

peel and stick tile diys

Accent Wall

This could be fun to do in a powder room behind the sink or toilet. The floor to ceiling tile look can create the illusion of higher ceilings in a smaller space. So it’s drawing your eye up and also adding some flair to rooms that can sometimes be left on the simpler side.

Stair Risers

Add some character to your staircase! This idea works if you don’t have carpeted stairs, of course. But it could be so fun to pick a tile that compliments the step part of the stairs. Then you’d just tile the stair risers and leave the steps as is for contrast. And since the risers are hardly touched, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear like you would on the steps.

peel and stick tile flooring

I’m sure there are so many peel and stick tile DIYs out there that can be done. But these are a few of the ones that came to mind while I was tiling my daughters’ stage for their playroom update. If you’re curious about the application process of peel and stick tile check out my post about my Peel & Stick Marble Tile Backsplash.

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