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Tips For Creating a Functional Homework Space

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Can you believe it’s back to school time already? It seriously feels like summer just started! With the start of back to school comes the start of homework. And nobody likes homework. But with a few tips for creating a functional homework space that I’ve pulled together, I am determined to make this the easiest year yet when it comes to actually getting it done.

If you’ve been around since last year, you might remember this loft transformation I did in my sister’s house. Well, I did a whole tutorial on the DIY Ikea Hack Homework Station I made. In that project, I turned two sets of Ikea drawers into a custom, built-in desk for the space. It turned out beautifully, it has held up well, and my sister and her family love it! You’ll see that some of the tips I’ve listed below are actually applied in my sister’s loft.

Tips For Creating A Functional Homework Space

Tips For Creating A Functional Homework Space

Have a dedicated homework space

It can be the kitchen table, a home office, or a desk in their room, but it’s so important to have a dedicated space for homework to be done. This way, when it’s time to sit down and get to the task at hand, your child knows exactly where they need to be to do so. There’s no questions or arguing about where they’re going to sit. Also, keep in mind this space can change depending on the age of your child and how much assistance they need with their homework.

Tips For Creating A Functional Homework Space

Make it fun

Now, I know homework isn’t fun. So try to make it fun! Get your child excited to be in their space. Allow them to pick out a few things they love to decorate their desk. If you have a dedicated room, choose a fun wallpaper to liven up the walls like I did at my sister’s house. Maybe even let them pick out the wallpaper. Allowing them to be a part of the process will make them excited about getting to be in a space they helped decorate.

Tips For Creating A Functional Homework Space

Keep supplies within reach

I cannot stress this enough, but keep everything they will need within reach. That way they aren’t up and down and constantly searching for something. Because we’ve all been there, someone goes looking for a pair of scissors or a pencil and 10 minutes later you find them playing with Legos in another room. Having a separate work space makes this tip easier. But if your kids are working at the kitchen table, try a small, portable rolling cart that can be brought out and put away when necessary.

If you’re in the market for school supplies, Walmart is always an affordable option!

Limit distractions

Speaking of Legos, keep distractions to a minimum. That means no toys at the table or desk or anything they can play with really. And if you can, try to limit distracting noises like the TV or loud music. There’s nothing harder than trying to pull a child’s attention away from a TV with their favorite show on it. Remind them that the sooner they finish their homework, the sooner they get to go play with those toys.

Keep it organized

Try to stay as organized as possible to make everyone’s lives easier. Especially if you have multiple homework aged children like I do who are all working on different things. Utilize wall organization like calendars and bulletin boards to hang things on. Keep supplies neatly in drawers or dividers. Use folders or mail sorters for each child at home so you know whose work is who’s. And don’t forget to put their name on any papers right when they come home so nobody’s work gets confused.

Tips For Creating A Functional Homework Space

No matter if your homework space is a dedicated desk or the kitchen table, let’s start this school year off on the right foot. Set your family up for success before the school year even starts with these tips for creating a functional homework space. And if you’re looking to create your own dedicated space, don’t forget to check my DIY Ikea Hack Homework Station tutorial.

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