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DIY Spooky Halloween Trees


Spooky season is here and I’m keeping the Halloween decor posts coming! If you haven’t checked out my Pottery Barn Terracotta Pumpkin Dupe or my Halloween Decor for the Whole House post, be sure to do so. But, this time we’re dressing up this side door to my house with some DIY Spooky Halloween Trees.

Now, this should have been a simple DIY. Everyone said to just follow the directions and I’d be fine. Well I’m here to admit, things went a little sideways with this one. In this DIY I am using something called Sika PostFix, which creates a chemical reaction that forms a hard foam that’ll hold the branch up. I made the mistake of walking away from my project during the reaction. I do not recommend this. Instead, I would’ve been more patient and held the branches in place until the reaction started and then kept an eye on it as it happened.

But, you live and you learn. Luckily I was able to get the branches to stay in the pots and the DIY ended up working out. Although, you’ll see in the reel below, I did end up having to cut some of the foam spillage out of our grass with scissors.


Sika PostFix

Small Pot

dead Branches

Protective Glasses


Black Paint

DIY Spooky Halloween Trees:

  1. Gather your supplies, including your branches.
  2. Prep your Sika PostFix by squeezing the packages together and then mixing them for 15 seconds. Have your pots nearby.
  3. Hold the branches in place in the pots as you pour some of the Sika mixture into them.
  4. Wait for the foam reaction to harden and then paint your trees!
  5. Once the paint is dry, you can even add some purple or white string lights to them!
  6. Wait for next weeks post to see where these trees end up for good and how I TAKE THEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!

After using it, I have a few tips for using the Sika PostFix. The first is to wear the proper safety gear, ie. goggles and gloves. This is a chemical reaction and safety comes first. The second is to follow the directions to a T. Don’t think that you can skip steps, because you can’t.

This is one of those DIYs where you can use what you have in the backyard. Meaning I just went and collected some dead branches for this! Then, once the branches are held in place you can spray paint everything black to make them “spooky.” These DIY spooky Halloween trees are super simple, and, as long as you follow the instructions on the Sika PostFix, can be done relatively quickly. How do you think they turned out??

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