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Front Porch Upcycle

upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor

The front porch is such an important part of your home.  It’s the first and the last space your guests see.  It sets the tone and tells a little story about your life.  Outdoor spaces are especially fun to step up the volume with color; however,  it should coincide with the style inside.

We moved in our 2 story home a little over one year ago.  It was built in 2006 and finished in many shades of brown.  We’ve been working hard at brightening it up and making it our own.  I really want to paint my front door Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore or Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams, but my husband is not on board with the idea.  We purchased this home with the intent to update and resale in 3-5 years.  Our existing door is a beautiful solid wood which He thinks most people prefer.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!  Paint the door or leave it in its wooden beauty? Leave me a comment if you have an opinion! Since the door remains in its wooden glory (for now) I’ve interjected color elsewhere.

front doorupcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor

I set out to decorate this space with items I already owned, so I pulled out everything that might work.  Here’s what I came up with.

One year ago I bought this little patio set off a local exchange for $15.  This rusty set was the only thing I actualy had displayed on my porch.  Not very welcoming!  My son and I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint and that did the trick! I used Valspar spray paint for outdoors.  It prevents against rusting!  I added this blue rug I found hidden in the “leftover” pile down stairs and a this faux topiary for a pop of green.


upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor


I snagged this metal decor from the “sell” pile when I realized I could revive it with some chalk paint.     Using the leftover paint from my Kitchen Island project, I quickly dry brushed it on.  When I say quickly, I mean less than 2 minutes! I showed a little video on this process on my Instagram account if your interested. (link on my homepage)

Now that I had some key features in place it was time to accessorize.  Can we talk about this pillow?!  I absolutely love my custom floral antler cover!  I love having our name displayed in such a fun way, and what better place than the front porch of your home.  Sovintagechic has been so gracious to allow all my readers 20% off any pillow purchase for this week! Click HERE to shop her site.  Use the promo code: REMINGTON.

sovintagechic,upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor


upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor


upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor, outdoor pillow


upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor

I grabbed the bamboo stand, the faux green plant, and the little stool from storage and placed them right next to the door.  I also dry brushed this watering can with the same blue as the metal decor.  Its just a plastic can that was looking a bit dingy, but now its pretty and I use it to water my flowers each morning.  My old door mat was faded and worn so I did buy the “Welcome” mat from Target.  It was one of the few mats wide enough to balance the size of my door.  While I was there I managed to pick up this little glass lantern in the outdoor section.  Cause lets be honest, who can go to target and only come out with one item!

upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor
upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor



upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor, door mat

A few years ago my friend gave me a giant B wrapped in twine.  Unfortunately the bride she had made it for cancelled the wedding and she was left with a personalized gift.  Bad for her, good for Me! I’ve used it a few different ways before, but now it became a Monogramed door hanging.  All I did was add a few faux flower stems and tied a bow to fix them in place.

upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor

Costco had these great lavender topiaries on display.  Lavender smells great so I knew I had to have them for my porch.  Just another thoughtful way to say welcome!  I quickly planted them in these blue pots and called it good.  Yay for color!

lavender plant


Finally I added a few more flowers near the porch area.  We plan to plant a few more shrubs in this space, but for now this did the trick.  The old wheel came from my in laws junk pile.  I grabbed it a few months ago not knowing where it would end up, but I quite like the character it adds.

upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor


So all in all I ended up Purchasing a door mat, a personalized pillow, flowers, and a lantern, but I was surprised how much I came up with by shopping my own home!  Give it a try and see what you come up with!

upcycle, patio, patio furniture, outdoor decor, sovintagechic



I already have some more fun ideas for this space after this quick spruce up, so stay tuned by subscribing on my home page.  You won’t want to miss it!

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  1. I have a wood door, too (in fact, in my whole house) The front one is oak, though with a half moon glass which there isn't really a fix for. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pain t the inside of it, at least. I haven't decided on the outside. I'm guessing my husband wouldn't like the idea either. 🙂 I love what you did for your porch!

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