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ORC Bright White Master Bathroom makeover

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Hey everyone…Today I’m sharing my plans for a bright white master bathroom makeover!  If you’re new to Remington Avenue, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here.  I have never EVER posted photos of our Master Bathroom because honestly, I hate it.  Basically it consists of boring brown tiles and shower doors that are literally falling apart. This project is long over due!  So, what better time to join the One Room Challenge right?! The ORC was started by Linda at Calling it Home.  Every April and October, 20 design bloggers participate in this challenge to transform one space. It’s not a competition, rather a format for designers to share inspiration and sources. In addition, guest bloggers are welcome to participate and join in the challenge with their own room makeovers. I find it to be a great excuse to transform my master bathroom and bring it up to date with a bright, white, and refreshing makeover.

Our master bathroom is not huge.  A corner jacuzzi tub, a stand in shower and a double vanity are packed in tight.  The commode did get its own little closet though thankfully!  If we were going to stay in this home long term, I would consider changing the layout a bit and replacing the corner tub with a free standing soaker tub.  However, we plan to start building on our land in about a year so a cosmetic facelift it is!

Though the master bathroom is smaller than I like,  it doesn’t mean it can’t be great! I’d like to brighten it up with some neutral paint and maybe some marble and white tile.  An updated master bathroom, right under a kitchen, is definitely a sought after space by home buyers.  And since we will be in this home for a couple more years until our new home is complete, I want to enjoy it too.

Are you ready for some before pics?  It’s pretty yellow all around.  Yellow walls, yellow lights, and warm brown tiles.


Number one on the priority list is replacing these beat up shower doors.  I’m hoping to go frameless, but we shall see what the budget will allow for.  Remember, I have to keep resale in mind and not overdue the cost of this renovation!


I’ll be replacing the old brown tile with a bright white and elegant tile from Floor and Decor.  Have you ever been there?  Talk about top quality options at affordable prices!  I can’t wait to explore every inch of that giant store!


How about a more seamless transition from tub surround to vanity backsplash?  I’ve got a couple solutions up my sleeve!


I didn’t bother putting away my swim suit or clearing out all the disorganized products from the shower.  I figured I’d give you a “true before” experience.  I’m thinking I should add additional shelving in the shower and maybe dump the wire storage rack!

Some new multitasking accessories, provided by Lamps Plus, will go a long way in finishing the new look and providing additional organization.  Yes!  Lamps plus sells furniture and decor too!


The double vanity will be hauled out and replaced with a free standing selection.  We are also in the midst of finishing our basement so this beauty will be getting painted and placed in the new downstairs bathroom.  I figure if I’m going to buy a new vanity anyway, the money will be better spend in my bright white master bathroom makeover rather than my basement! I see the master bathroom more as an investment area and I’m always trying to find ways to save and reuse!


The lighting will definitely be getting upgraded as well.  Never underestimate the power of good lighting! I’ve partnered with Lighting Design to bring in a little more sparkle and shine!  Lighting always makes a huge impression and really gives a space defining personality.

Don’t you love how these mirrors were hung of center?  Maybe the previous owner was going for an “artistic” vibe! I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t even touched this space since we moved in!   Either way, these mirrors will be taking a hike and I’ll be sure to hang the new ones at an appropriate level.


Here are some inspirational photos. If you have pinterest, be sure to follow along with me here. I’m dreaming of a bright white master bathroom with a luxurious feel. I pinned this one for the mixed metal finishes!  I’m loving the silver and gold affect!


This elegant master bathroom has lovely marble finishes.  The pop of a natural wood is an unexpected surprise and offers balance to the warm gray floor tile.  This space belongs to one of my Instagram friends Bree @zdesignathome and it is one of my absolute favorites!


Same idea here with the use of polished cool tones with the contrasting warm, rustic wood. Image via Pinterest.


Oh boy! I’ve really got my work cut out for me now! I’ll be posting every week and linking up as a guest participant with the ORC to showcase my progress. I’ll also be sharing the sponsors who have partnered with me to make this bright white master bathroom transformation possible.  And don’t worry, I’ll link all the product sources as well.

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  1. I love your inspiration photos! I’m also working on a master bathroom. Boy, we’ve got a big job ahead of us! Can’t wait to see what you do!

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