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Easy DIY Faux Fall Tree


All things fall are in full swing! I’ve already started decorating my house for fall on the inside with subtle touches here and there. But if you’ve been around for a few years, you know I always do a big fall porch! And this year’s is well on its way to being complete, it just needs a few more touches. But before I share that, I wanted to share this easy DIY faux fall tree tutorial.

easy diy faux fall tree

It can’t just be me that thinks that every faux fall tree looks really cheesy. And the ones that don’t are usually pretty pricey. My Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel inspiration trees for this project ranged from $200-400. And there was just no way I was spending that much on a faux fall tree. I knew this would be an easy project and I knew I could basically do it for free, all I had to do was find the perfect branch to use. So, I went on a little foraging adventure!

Easy DIY Faux Fall Tree


Hot glue gun
Leaves (preserved) or whatever you like
Branch of chosen size (min 8.5ft)

The first step is finding your perfect branch. This is going to depend on how tall you want your tree to be. Mine is about 8.5 feet tall. I wanted something taller because it is going on my front porch. But if you’re planning on keeping yours indoors, you might choose something smaller. No matter the height, you’ll still get the same fall look!

The next step is to stabilize your branch in a pot of your choosing. Just make sure the pot is proportionate in size to the height of your branch. The way we stabilized mine is by placing it inside of a planter that would go inside of the pot on the porch, and then packing dirt around it for extra support. If you plan to use your tree indoors, just surround with rocks or you could even use cement.

easy diy faux fall tree

Once it’s stabilized, it’s time to hot glue on the leaves. I chose to use preserved real leaves as opposed to faux leaves since I felt that this added to the more realistic look. I also like the look of a more sparse tree rather than a full tree. Almost as if some of the leaves have already fallen off. Feel free to make yours fuller or more sparse, it’s completely up to you!

easy diy faux fall tree

Now stand back and admire your easy DIY faux fall tree, because it’s really that simple. Forget the $200-400 dollar trees, I made mine for basically free. Well, ok, it was $12, but still it’s such a steal! All it took was two hours, some hot glue, & preserved leaves to get me a super real looking tree. Like… my neighbor thought I legit planted it in my porch pot REAL!

This easy DIY faux fall tree is just one aspect of my fall porch this year. Come back to the blog next week for this year’s full fall front porch reveal! Until then, gain a little inspiration from this previous fall porch I did.

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  1. You Always have great ideas and I love them all. Also great Recipes. Now to find a tree branch that would work for me. I live in a very woodless nature area, that is my challenge. I’m inspired by your project to go on a hunt for a branch anyway. Keep the ideas coming, very talented.

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