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Guest bathroom renovation

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Hi pals and thanks for joining me today!  I thought it was high time I share all the details on our guest bathroom renovation!  When we finished our basement this bathroom was one of my favorite projects.

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I love how it all came together and hopefully you will too.  If you recall way back in October when I renovated my Master bathroom, we removed a double vanity and replaced it with this one.

To see all the details on the Master bathroom renovation click HERE.

Anyway back to the point – the old double vanity from my master bathroom did not go to the junker…instead it made its way down to our basement.  We chopped 1/3 of that sucker right off and hauled it down into the guest bathroom!  I’m always trying to think of ways to save money and fix up our house without breaking the bank.  If you are planning multiple bathroom renovations (like us) I would suggest rethinking all of the furniture and accessories items you already have and seeing if they can be reused or repurposed in any way.  Then design around that!

Now that I’ve bored you with all my “recycle reuse reduce ” stuff, lets get to that bathroom design!

Guest Bathroom Reveal

We started with a blank canvas.  A cement floor, framed in walls, and basic plumbing was in place.

I found these amazing matte black hex tiles at the Overstock outlet in Salt Lake.   It was the first time I had visited their warehouse and boy did I score!  I loaded up my car with every box they had and what do you know, it was barely enough! Whew!  Sometimes the Gods shine down on us!  Overstock no longer carries these amazing tiles but I did find a source that carries this exact tile! Linked HERE.

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After finding the amazing black hex tiles, I knew I had to go with a contrasting white tile in the shower.  A classic subway was an obvious choice esp since we will be selling the house.  Subway tile is a crowd pleaser!   I chose a matte finish to go with the matte black floor tile.

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I used a black grout to contrast the white subway tile in a traditional brick pattern.  I selected a very light gray grout for the floor.  You might be wondering why I didn’t just go with a white grout and make all things even stevens!  Well, floors tend to collect dirt, and white grout esp shows every little speck of anything.  So in hopes to keep my floor grout lines nice and crisp, I went with a light gray and honestly it appears white anyway.  Win Win!

As mentioned above, we moved our freshly sliced bathroom vanity from upstairs right in.  We even cut the existing granite counter top with a diamond blade with the sink still attached!  That was a bit nerve-racking, but it all worked out in the end.  Side note: If you plan to cut an existing counter top and reuse it, make sure to cut the side that will be mounted to the wall.  This way you don’t have to take it in to get polished and finished again…expensive!

I painted my original sink fixture from brown to black using the same method I used in my master bathroom renovation. Tutorial HERE….any yes its holding up perfectly!  This little trick has saved me a lot of coins I tell you.

I had some extra boards laying around in the garage, so instead of buying new bathroom hardware, I made these DIY towel racks. You can find the full tutorial HERE.  Boom – bye bye towel bars that constantly get knocked off the wall, and hello pretty towel rack that ties in the dark stain color of the recycled vanity!  Why yes I am smiling while writing this! Ps. This tutorial is super easy and inexpensive and I even share exactly how to hang it!

Now we pretty this baby up!  I scored this striped shower curtain at Home Goods, but I found a similar (that I might actually like even better) HERE.

I purchased some high quality white towels and a couple turkish towels in a similar stipped pattern HERE.  You can never go wrong with a classic white towel.  So fresh and so clean clean!

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Everything was getting a bit rectangular, so I started searching for a circular mirror to mix it up a bit.  I found this one HERE.  It’s the most affordable price for a quality large round mirror.  Trust me I searched! Oh ya and it comes in a gold frame option too!  Now my mirror and hex tiles are getting along a bit better.

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This farmhouse inspired light was the perfect fit for my guest bathroom. I selected the brushed nickel finish to match my tub and shower hardware.  Did you know its okey to have a couple different metals in one space?!  My faucet is painted black (not matching my light or shower fixtures) but it works because of all the other black in the room (floor tile, hooks, shower grout, mirror frame).  Just make sure to repeat that metal/color somewhere else in the room.  Preferabley at least 3 times.  The brushed nickel finish is on my light, shower fixtures, and cabinet hardware!

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Finally I found a small low profile rug with a fun pattern at Homegoods. The door doesn’t get snagged up by the rug and it adds a fun pattern to the space. I finished our  guest bathroom with a toiletry basket full of washcloths, q-tips, cotton balls, and some yummy smelling soap and lotion.  We gotta make sure our guests feel welcome and right at home!

I hope you enjoyed our little guest bathroom tour.  Hopefully you leave here feeling inspired to fix up a little nook in your home knowing that not all renovations have to break the bank!

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As always thanks for stopping in and be sure to pin the image below so you can come back and visit me soon!

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Paint color is Eider White by Sherwin Williams

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