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Converting Can Lights Into Pendants


Today I’m giving you a step-by-step tutorial on converting can lights into pendants or another light fixture. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the functionality of can lights, but I think there is a time and a place for them. And I don’t think they need to be in every room of the house. For example, they make sense in a laundry room or a kitchen. But nowadays can lights are being used in most rooms of newer houses and more often than not, you’re probably going to want to swap them out for a prettier fixture or mood lighting. At this point I’ve done this in a few rooms of my house and it turns out great every time.

Converting can lights into pendants is actually a lot simpler than it sounds and you don’t need to be a certified electrician to do so. However, please take the proper safety precautions and turn off any electrical circuits necessary before proceeding with any electrical work.

The trick to making this as easy as possible is to pick up a recessed light convertor kit. I got mine from Amazon. The kit has everything you need to convert can lights into a light fixture. Follow my simple tutorial below to take your lights from builder grade to custom looking.

Converting Can Lights Into Pendants


Recessed light convertor kit

Disclaimer: I am not an electrician. Turn off any electrical circuits before proceeding with any electrical work.

Step 1:

Remove the can light.

Step 2:

Mount the adjustable bar and screw in the socket adapter (everything comes in the kit).

Step 3:

Install the mounting bar and fixture mounting screws.

Step 4:

Feed the fixture wires through the metal plate and decorative medallion. Wire the fixture to the socket adapter. Secure the fixture with the hardware included.

Watch the steps in action in this reel!

That’s it! 4 easy steps for converting can lights into pendants or other fixtures! I used this process when installing the new lights in the hallway outside my bedroom. If you’ve missed the other corresponding posts for that space, check out my Mitered Seam Box Beam Tutorial and Easy Rules for Hanging Art posts. And if you missed it, head back to last week’s hallway reveal post.

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