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My Favorite Things – Stuff I can’t live without

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Have you ever been to a “favorite things part”?  I usually host one at my house every holiday season and today we are bringing the party to you!  I’ve joined some of my favorite blogger friends to bring you a virtual favorite things party…yay! Here’s the gist of party, each of us bloggers have linked 6 of our favorite – must have items and why.  At the end of this post, all my blogger friends will be linked so you can check out the stuff they love as well.  Now let’s treat our family and friends (or ourselves) to some amazing gifts!

my favorite things - stuff I can't live without

Today I am sharing my top 5 favorite must-have can’t, live without things.  They range from household items to beauty products and more.  I absolutely use my favorite things weekly, if not daily.  So here we go! *Affiliate links used throughout this post. Please click on images to shop!

Favorite Things Number 1 – Handheld Steamer

Ladies (and gents) be prepared to change your life forever…I’m not kidding.  I despise ironing, and I am happy to report that I don’t even own an iron anymore.  After a year with this steaming beauty, my life has changed.  I use it for everyday garments, skirts, & my husbands suits.  I also use it on bedding, bedskirts, draperies, and my slipcovered sofas.  Buy it for yourself and gift it to a friend, they will sing your praises! Click here to read about my slipcover sofas.

Favorite Things Number 2 – Dry Shampoo

Another life saving everyday necessity. I have very long dark hair and I am too lazy to wash it everyday. In fact, I only wash it once (maybe twice a week).  That’s just how I roll.  HOWEVER, without my bff dry shampoo I would be looking like a grease monkey for sure.  It totally adds volume to my hair and discusses my laziness on the daily. Below I’ve linked my 3 favorite brands to fit every budget (trust me, I’ve tried them all).  If you are dark haired like me, the brown tinted one is a plus.

Favorite Things Number 3 – Wire twinkle Lights

This is more of a holiday item, but I also use them thoughout the winter months.  Display these lights in jars and lanterns around the house or on a plant.  It adds just another layer of ambient glow that screams cozy in every corner.  I love the white lights, but the colored ones are totally fun too. The batteries are inconspicuous so you don’t ever see them.

Favorite Things Number 4 – Meyers soap and cleaner

I know, its kinda boring but again I use it everyday.  My favorite year round scent is the lemon, but for the holidays I like to switch it up to the peppermint or one of the 3 holiday flavors below. I always keep the hand soap, dish soap, lotion, and cleaner stocked up at my house.  I’ve linked a few different gift packs below.  Pair the holiday flavors with a cute festive dish towel for the perfect neighbor or Hostess gift.


Favorite Things Number 5 – Beginners Tool set

One reoccurring question I get asked over and over is “Where do I start?” If you are a DIYer like me or even a wanna be DIYer (no shame) I would start with THIS TOOL SET.  Guess what you can actually get 2 extra power tools with the purchase for the rest of this week cause they are doing some crazy promotion This week only! Click HERE TO SHOP THE SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY DEAL.

It is super beginner friendly, budget friendly, and contains all the must have power tools you will need to get going.  Here’s the thing, I started blogging and using power tools 3 years ago, before that, the only power tool I’d used was a drill.  Now I am not afraid of any of them.  Like anything else, the biggest step in learning something new is DOING IT!  If I can do crazy projects like shiplap a wall, build a suspended bed, construct a barn door, or apply wall molding…SO CAN YOU. This tool set would be a great gift to give yourself or someone special.

Favorite Things Number 6 – Hand Held Paint Sprayer

If you’re not ready to tackle the power tools, but you are down with painting, you are going to love this gun.  I’ve used other paint sprayers, but this one is so user friendly.  I have used it for countless furniture redos and even cabinet doors. Using a spray gun just saves so much time.  I also own the spray shelter in the medium and large sizes.  The medium is my fav cause it’s a pop up tent.  You can totally go to town in your garage with the protection of these tents! Don’t freeze outside this winter.  Gift yourself or loved one a spray gun and shelter for Christmas.

Make sure to check out all the other bloggers “favorite things” round ups! I know I will be.

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My favorite things - stuff I love


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