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Office Shelf Style Edit

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When it comes to shelf styling there are many philosophies, but there is one common denominator…layers! Layers add depth and dimension in every aspect of design – shelves are no exception. Today I am sharing my home office shelf style edit.

globally inspired office - shelf styling

I have to be honest, my main goal walking into this week was to spend NO MONEY- ZERO ZILCH! I really wanted to create a home work environment that truly represented both my husband and I and the life we’ve share together. If you have any spaces in your home that you want to tackle on a budget, my first suggestion is always “Shop your home first”! 

globally inspire home office - shelf style edit

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Shop Your Home to style your Office shelves

I literally gathered every object, book, box, and dish that I though might work in the office.  Remember, my overall design theme is “globally inspired home office with masculine & feminine design touches”.  I gathered all of our souvenirs and artifacts from travel & old photos of our escapades. I pulled out boxes, sculptures, jars, and tins. I even found some old trophies from my sellin’ days and a funny copper change tray my hubby has been carrying with him for years. 

office shelf styling- shop your house

I bought my husband a collection of the “Harvard Classics” for our second Christmas together as a married couple. Have we read any of the books? He has, but I just enjoy the sophisticated style as they collect dust lol. They have been in boxes since we moved in (last August), so we were more than excited to display them. Our office is right off the entry way of our home.  At a glance, I want it to represent us. I think I have achieved just that!

office shelf styling- Harvard classics

Once you have your pile of possibilities in full view, begin to edit.  Start with the books- least read books on the highest shelves. Tip: Style your books vertically and horizontally to add interest and layers. 

book styling on office shelves

Pay attention to binding colors and widths. Split your shelving unit in half (pretend). If I there is a lot of color on one side, make sure it’s balanced on the other side. Think in diagonals.

balancing color on office shelves

Space out your books with sculptures, art, and photos. Stack objects in groupings and treat each shelf as its own little art curation. Each shelf speaking to another on the other side of the unit. 

Upcycle old objects for budget friendly shelf styling

I found this old world themed box down in the basement. I don’t particularly care for the cover anymore and there is a big water mark on the top. Instead of chucking it, I decided to give it a quick coat of paint and use it as a layering piece. I quite like how it turned out! Tip: Rethink what you already have – Is paint all that’s needed for a quick update? 

upcycle old objects for shelf styling

painted box for office shelf style

My favorite globally inspired office style edits

My husband served a mission for our church way back in 1999-2001. He brought back these interesting “Huacos” from Peru. Now they represent the time and people he knew and loved. Another hand made sculpture of Mary sits on the same shelf and was given to him by an old lady he taught and served. She found a rock and carved it for him. 

office shelf style edit with souvenirs

Our trip to South Africa is represented with the Egg souvenir and photo of hubby, myself, and our first born on a beach in Cape town. My sister lived there for work for a few years making it more affordable to go visit. Our trip to Spain is marked with a painting we bought of the “moment of truth” from a street side artist. Hubby and I, along with 2 other couples, back-packed through Spain and Italy early on in our marriage. 

office shelf style edit

office shelf style edit

A photo of our camel ride at the pyramids made the cut and reminds me of the dry dusty desert we visited back in 2010. We were so lucky to travel abroad early on.  Between you and I though, we worked our booties off to the point that our family’s thought we were crazy. Big sacrifice, big reward has always been my life philosophy!

office shelf style edit - work travel

I hope you found this office shelf style edit helpful. Now are you prepared to style yours? Next week is the big office reveal! I still have sconces to install and waiting on my chairs to be delivered.  Plus a few last minute styling pieces.  Make sure to check back and follow me @remingtonavenue on Instagram for more day to day design and DIY! 

office shelf style edit

Office Desk and Chair from Gatehouse


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  1. Speaking of editing…prob should have had a second look at your content. Still, terrific job on the shelves!

  2. So wonderful to include your life on those shelves. What better place to do it than the office. The office already looks awesome!

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