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Peel-and-Stick vs. Pre-pasted Wallpaper


Let’s talk about wallpaper. There are quite a few different types out there and if you’re new to the wallpaper scene, I know how confusing it can be to not only pick the pattern you want for your space, but also to pick the type of paper to buy. Non-pasted vs. pre-pasted vs. peel-and-stick. How do you know what kind to buy or what will work best for your space if you’ve never installed wallpaper before? Well, I’m here to give some insight on my two favorites, peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

Art Deco Wainscoting and Striped Wallpaper / Art Deco Wainscoting and Striped Wallpaper

To start, I know the thought of installing wallpaper can be very intimidating, but trust me once you get the first piece up, it really isn’t too bad. If you can’t tell by all of the pictures in this post. I absolutely love using wallpaper. It packs such a huge punch from small spaces to large rooms and even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference. It really sets the scene for the mood of a room. Whether you want to make a room feel playful or cozy or moody, wallpaper can do that and in such a more powerful way than paint can sometimes.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

Moody DIY Bathroom Renovation / Tile Wall Bathroom Backsplash

As I’ve mentioned, my two favorite types of wallpaper to install are peel-and-stick and pre-pasted wallpaper. And I like them both for different reasons. Read on to find out which one I find easiest to install and when I’d opt for one over the other and why.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

Moody Bathroom With Grasscloth Wallpaper

Peel-and-Stick vs. Pre-pasted Wallpaper

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Though I tend to opt for pre-pasted wallpaper over peel-and-stick most of the time, peel-and-stick is great for a number of reasons. The first being for trendier prints. If you’re picking a statement paper that is on the trendier side, peel-and-stick is nice because it tends to be easier to remove. So when you’re ready for something new, it’ll be easier to replace.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

DIY Grasscloth Barn Door

On that note, because it is easier to remove than other types of wallpaper, it makes it renter friendly. And what better way to make a standard rental feel like home, than by adding some personality with wallpaper. Peel-and-stick is also a great option if you want to use it in smaller amounts or in little areas. For example, use it in the back of built-in shelves or in the cut out areas of a door. Again, it’s great for areas where you may want to eventually trade it out for something else or may need to remove it altogether.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

In my latest project in my sister’s basement, I used peel-and-stick to cover the walls. And while I would normally opt for pre-pasted wallpaper here, the Ayara Home peel-and-stick is what I went with. And let me tell you, it’s top quality. The pattern lined up so easily and the paper looks and feels really nice. If you’re looking for a quality peel-and-stick wallpaper, use this link to check out Ayara Home and use code MYSHA for 10% off site wide, plus free shipping.

Be mindful that peel and stick papers will not adhere to extremely textured walls so make sure to read the fine print when selecting the best paper for your project.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

Cozy Basement Family Room Design / White Oak Slat Feature Wall

Pre-pasted Wallpaper

Moving on to pre-pasted wallpaper, my personal preference most of the time. In my opinion, while pre-pasted wallpaper may appear to be more intimidating, it is actually easier to install than peel-and-stick. This is because once wet and on the wall, the pre-pasted backing allows you to slide it around into place. Making lining up the pattern and getting it level easier. Whereas with peel-and-stick, once it’s on the wall, you can’t really slide it into place. This is why oftentimes I actually prefer to do larger spaces with pre-pasted paper. I also prefer this if I am using a wallpaper with a more intricate pattern that requires a little more time and patience to line up.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

Laundry Room Update

One thing to note is that pre-pasted wallpaper is more permanent than peel-and-stick. So if you’re renting or looking for a trendier print or pattern, this may not be the type for you. However, if you plan to be in a space a long time and are going with a more classic look, I say go for it! Another thing to consider is bathrooms with showers. IF I am papering a bathroom that will have steam, I always go with traditional paper or repasted. The steam (overtime) will make the peel and stick fall right off the wall.

Black & White Powder Room Reveal

My favorite quality, designer, pre-pasted wallpaper is from Copper Corners. I have their wallpapers in a few rooms of my house and love them all. Shop their site and use code Remington10 for 10% off site wide.

peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper

Budget Friendly Floating Shelf DIY Tutorial / Sister’s Living Room Reveal

And there you have it, my take on peel-and-stick vs. pre-pasted wallpaper. And remember, if taking on wallpapering an entire room sounds too overwhelming, start small. Maybe just do one wall, or even a nook in the corner of a room. I hope you also enjoyed getting a peek at some of my favorite wallpaper projects to date. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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